Automated Backwashing System – Retro-fit

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This allows you to retro-fit your existing Advantage Bead Filtration System with our Automated Backwashing System, to help automate the weekly maintenance you'll need to perform. It should be noted that this system does not negate the need to empty your pump baskets, as well as skimmer baskets.


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The Advantage Automated System


The new Advantage Automated Backwash System is now available as an option on all of the Advantage Bead Filters and Plug & Play Systems. This new system can be programmed to thoroughly backwash your Advantage Bead filter as often as you would like it to, automatically.


  • Provides a consistent schedule of filter backwashing.
  • No more worrying about cleaning your filter while on vacation.
  • Frees you from ever having to manually clean your filter again.
  • In a commercial application, you’re able to program it to backwash multiple times a day if necessary.

This system coordinates the pump, multiport head, air blower and waste line shut off valve during the backwashing process to assure the filter is thoroughly cleaned.


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