Advantage Plug and Play System for Ponds up to 6,000 Gallons

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The Advantage Plug and Play System was designed to take all the guesswork out of designing the perfect pond filter system.. Each system comes with, what we are convinced is, the best equipment available for koi ponds today. The equipment for each system is slightly over-sized for the pond. This will ensure you never outgrown your equipment.

Each system has been specifically engineered to be as compact as possible while still allowing maximum water flow. All systems now come plumbed with 2 inch sweep elbows. This guarantees that the equipment setup will be plumbed right every time.

Note: The G.R.O.W. tower can not be combined with a timer, or a low voltage transformer.

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Price: from $4,495.00

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-Advantage 10 Bead Filter
-Artesian 1/3 Hp Pump
-Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems 80 HO UV Light
-2'x3' Vinyl Equipment Pad
-Electrical Control Tower

Designed for ponds up to 6,000 gallons

Actual Water Flow
Through our testing we have found that for clear, healthy water you need to move all the water in a pond through the filter a minimum of once every 3 hours. In most cases the standard 1/3hp pump will turn over a 6,000 gallon pond in just over two hours.
If you feel that you might need a larger pump to provide more water flow for either esthetic purposes or you have a higher than normal waterfall, (more than 4 feet above the water surface ) you might want to upgrade the pump. Keep in mind that as you increase he pump size you also increase the amount of electricity it will take to operate your pond.
Standard Pump
Testing has shown that the standard 1/3 hp pump on this system will deliver the following flows:
64 gpm (3840 gph) through the system with 0 ft of Head Pressure after the filter. 469 watts
55 gpm (3300 gph) through the system with 5 ft of Head Pressure after the filter. 444 watts
48 gpm (2880 gph) through the system with 10 ft of Head Pressure after the filter. 425 watts
37 gpm (2220 gph) through the system with 15 ft of Head Pressure after the filter. 388 watts

Power Usage

Electrical Usage (Actual Cost to Operate This System)
The electrical usage is divided into two categories. Normal use is the amount of electricity used 24 hours per day under normal use. Backwashing is the amount of electricity used during the backwashing process which averages once a week for approximately 5 minutes. Note that the blower and the pump are never used simultaneously.

Normal Usage Backwash Usage
1/3 Hp Pump 412 Watts 0 Watts
80 Watt HO UV 80 Watts 80 Watts
Blower 0 Watts 775 Watts
Total: 492 Watts 855 Watts

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Find out the actual cost to operate this filter system per month by using our



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