Advantage Concrete Bottom Drain Cover

Short Description

The Advantage Concrete Bottom Drain Cover was designed as a solution to a common problem. Bottom drain covers prevent your drain from sucking up pieces of sinking debris that are too large. However, this means that at some point you will have to clear the large debris from around the bottom drain. With traditional bottom drain covers this means one of two things; either you have to drain your pond, or you're going swimming.


Price: $65.00

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Additional Product Information

At 30 lbs the Advantage Concrete Bottom Drain Cover is much too large for any koi to move out of the way. The 3/4 inch legs prevent any large sinking debris from being sucked into the bottom drain, while still allowing for the maximum amount of flow. The main advantage though is when it comes to maintenance. With the Advantage bottom drain cover, you can easily use your net to push aside the cover, net up the sunken debris, then finally push the bottom drain cover back into position. Its that simple.


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