Ultraviolet Lights

Ultraviolet lights are designed to kill planktonic algae in ponds. They are energy  efficient and relatively easy to install. The ultraviolet lamp will need to be replaced once  a year. Therefor, choosing a light that requires only one lamp to operate rather than  multiple lamps can save you both time and money over the years. Ultraviolet lights will  have little to no effect on filamentous algae (string algae) due to the fact that it grows on  the side of the pond and therefore, does not come in contact with the ultraviolet light. In selecting an ultraviolet light make sure you select the proper sized light for your pond.
Selecting a light that is too small will not give you the results you are looking for. We sell only Emperor Aquatic Ultraviolet Lights because of their single lamp design, excellent reliability, and ease of maintenance.

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EA 40 watt


Maximum Pond Size – 4,725 Gallons


EA 80 watt HO


Maximum Pond Size – 10,800 Gallons


EA 120 watt HO


Maximum Pond Size – 13,800 Gallons


EA 150 watt HO


Maximum Pond Size – 19,000 Gallons