A properly installed skimmer is a very essential part of a well designed pond. The purpose of a skimmer is to constantly draw water off the top surface of a pond providing the following benefits:

1) It will remove most leaves and debris that lands on the pond surface before it has a chance to sink. It is much harder to remove debris from a pond once it sinks.

2) It will also remove dissolved organic compounds (DOC) from the pond. If these dissolved organic compounds are allowed to accumulate in the pond they will begin to create a film on the pond surface. In severe cases this film will be turned into bubbles near the waterfall area. Removing these dissolved organic compounds from the pond surface will provide a much cleaner looking water.

3) If the skinner is connected to the pond filter it will also provide extra oxygen for the beneficial bacteria in the filter. It does this by drawing in water from the pond surface, which is rich in oxygen compared to water from the bottom of the pond.


Advantage Fish Safe Skimmer

The Advantage Fish Safe Skimmer is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic. These skimmers feature a one-piece constructed body with a study external ribbing for superior strength. They are designed to be built into the wall of the pond so as to be as unobtrusive as possible. Similar to a pool skimmer they constantly draw water from only the top 1/4″ – 3/4″ of the pond. Unlike swimming pool skimmers which normally use a front door weir which can trap a fish causing it to drown, these skimmers feature a circular floating wier inside the body of the skimmer. This feature makes it much safer for curious fish that swim into the skimmer to get back to the pond.

The two part floating weir basket is much larger than most conventional skimmers thereby allowing more debris to be captured at one time. These skimmers are available for either concrete or liner installation.



Advantage Collector Box Skimmer


The Advantage Collector Box Skimmer is designed for applications where you expect to have large amounts of leaves and debris accumulating on a ponds surface. This skimmer is constructed in heavy duty fiberglass and designed to last for years. It uses a floating weir to draw water constantly from the very top surface of the pond. When used in conjunction with the Advantage Collector Box there is no need to install a net in the skimmer since the Collector Box has it’s own net. If installed as a stand alone skimmer it will require the optional skimmer net. The skimmer net is made of a semi-rigid polymer material that makes removing the collected debris from the net very easy. The net is also large enough so that, in most cases, if a fish does swim into the skimmer, it can survive in the net area for some time. These skimmers is available for either concrete or liner application


No-Niche Skimmer

No Niche Skimmer

The no-niche Skimmer is designed for smaller ponds or as a retrofit skimmer for existing ponds which have no skimmer. This skimmer, when installed, sets out into the pond with the plumbing either going through the pond wall or it can be plumber over the ponds edge without penetrating the pond wall. The advantage of the no-niche skimmer is that it is relatively easy to install and by being installed out into the pond, it is very effective at collecting debris off the pond surface. The disadvantage of the no-niche skimmer is that the basket is very small and fills up quickly. Additionally, because it has to be installed out into the pond it is very visible and can present a problem when trying to net a fish.