airdrain(1)Pond Aeration

All living organisms in a pond, from the fish, to the beneficial bacteria in the filter system, need to have a minimum level of dissolved oxygen in the water in which they live to survive. Maintaining the minimum level will allow the pond to survive, but supplying an abundance of oxygen will cause the pond to flourish.

There are 3 ways to add oxygen to a pond:

1) Install a waterfall
2) Install jets
3) Install an air pump system

The first two ways to add oxygen rely on your water pump running. Adding an air pump  will not only add a considerable amount of oxygen to the pond but will also provide you  with a great emergency back up system in the event the water pump fails or needs to be turned off for an extended period. When you think about it, operating a pond without a  supplemental air system is like driving a car without a spare tire.

One of the most practical and efficient ways to add oxygen to a pond is to add an air pump with an air diffuser. These new air diffuser diaphragm type systems are self cleaning and provide smaller bubbles, with less pressure, than most air stones making them much more efficient.

The Advantage Bottom Drain Cover with Air Diffuser is designed to serve as a drain  cover but can also be placed anywhere in a pond where you would like to have more oxygen. Placing one under a waterfall will minimize the surface disturbance created by the air pump while increasing the ponds oxygen level.


AL-40 AL-60 AL-80 AL-150 AL-200
2 PSI (Installed 4.6 ft deep) 2.0 CFM 2.5 CFM 3.0 CFM 6.7 CFM 7.9 CFM
3 PSI (Installed 6.9 ft deep) 1.6 CFM 2.0 CFM 2.5 CFM 5.8 CFM 7.4 CFM
4 PSI (Installed 9.2 ft deep) X X 2.0 CFM 4.6 CFM 6.2 CFM
 Power Consumtption @ 3 PSI 43 Watts 60 Watts 76 Watts 175 Watts 245 Watts
Sound Level 36 dB 38 dB 39 dB 44dB 45 dB


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