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The new Advantage Koi Pond System takes all the guess work out of building a quality koi pond. Each of the five ponds in this series of designs, ranging from 1,500 to 15,000 gallons, have been built, tested, and refined to assure you that they will not only provide excellent water quality, but are also amazingly easy to maintain.

These pond kits are based upon the Advantage Pond Design Plans. Viewing the design plans requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click HERE to get it. Whichever pond you chose, we GUARANTEE that if the design plans are followed closely, it will give you a pond both you and your koi will be pleased with for years to come.

You Can SAVE BIG in two ways by buying an Advantage Pond Kit

  • Save Money – When you purchase an Advantage Pond Kit you receive 10% off the retail price of all the accessories. That means that on everything associated with the kit, other than the Plug and Play Filtration system, you save 10% on. Any custom accessories you might add to your kit, such as an Advantage Glass Filter, digital flow meter, underwater lights, or other accessories are also 10% off. This discount does not apply to upgrading the Plug and Play filter system to a larger size however.
  • Save Time – An Advantage Pond Kit also saves you time. There is no need to spend extra time trying to design a pond system and then trying to make up a parts list only to find out after you built the pond that you forgot an important feature. The Advantage Pond Kit comes with a complete set of instructions, laminated and spiral bound, for your convenience at no additional charge. These instructions provide the basic size and shape of the pond but still leave some room for you to customize the pond design to fit your personal needs. All the plumbing is laid out, including which size pipe is required, and where. It really does take a lot of the guess work out of building a pond.

Note; Any unusual PVC or ABS fittings that are required to build the pond are included in the kit. Normal PVC pipe and fittings are not however. These can be easily obtained at your local home supply store.

The Advantage Complete pond kits, along with the Advantage Pond Design plans take all the guesswork out of building your dream pond. These design plans, coupled with the pond kits come in 5 different pond sizes;


Pricing and Details:






The Advantage Complete Pond Kit Includes the Following Products:

Pond Design Plans

Pond Design Plans

Build the pond of your dreams the first time and avoid the common pitfalls of pond building. Each pond kit includes design plans in order to help you build a beautiful and easy to maintain koi pond.

Design plans include instructions on pond shape, pond depth, proper pond contour, proper placement of water fall, skimmer, and jets, pond plumbing, filter setup, UV light installation, bottom drain installation, skimmer installation, bulkhead installation, digital flow meter, rock work, auto-fill, pond lights, and electrical setup.


6,000 PnP

The Advantage Plug and Play System:

Crystal clear water is just the beginning. The Advantage Plug and Play system is also the easiest pond filtration system to install, operate, and maintain. The Advantage Plug and Play includes; The Advantage Bead Filter, an Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems high output ultraviolet light, an Artesian II high efficiency pump, and is all brought together with our patented pre-wired electrical control tower. If you are not amazed by your water clarity in the first year you are also backed by our 1 year, unconditional, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.img_green_divider

Advantage Fish Safe Skimmers

Skimmer Concrete

The Advantage Fish Safe Skimmer is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic. These skimmers feature a one-piece constructed body with a study external ribbing for superior strength. They are designed to be built into the wall of the pond so as to be as unobtrusive as possible. Similar to a pool skimmer they constantly draw water from only the top 1/4″ – 3/4″ of the pond. Unlike swimming pool skimmers which normally use a front door weir which can trap a fish causing it to drown, these skimmers feature a circular floating wier inside the body of the skimmer. This feature makes it much safer for curious fish that swim into the skimmer to get back to the pond.img_green_divider

bottom drain cover

Advantage Bottom Drain Covers

If debris begins to collect around the Advantage Bottom Drain Cover you can simply reach in the pond with a pool pole and net and slide the cover to one side, dislodge the debris and then slide the cover back over the bottom drain hole.

Installation is a breeze with the Advantage Bottom Drain Cover. With most other type bottom drains it is very hard, if not impossible; to plug the bottom drain pipe for pressure testing once the drain is installed. With the Advantage Drain Covers on concrete ponds you can simply stub up the bottom drain pipe, cap it off and once the pipes are pressure tested, leave them under pressure until the pond is completed to make sure no pipes are damaged during construction. The last thing you do, after plaster and before adding water is to cut off the bottom drain pipe level with the pond bottom and place the drain cover over the pipe.


Pond Jets

Jets are an extremely important part of a successful pond. For this reason the two jets used in Advantage Systems are the Mazzei type and the Eductor type. The 1,500 gallon and 3,000 gallon Pond Kits come standard with the Mazzei type jets, while the three larger systems; 6,000 gallon, 10,000 gallon and, 15,000 gallon require the Eductor type jet.img_green_divider

Auto Fill

Auto-fill with Built in Overflow:

An autofill is a must have for any koi pond for a number of reasons. Evaporation will always be a problem. The more surface area that your pond has the quicker your water will evaporate. An autofill is a quick an easy way to counteract this. We recommend turning off your autofill once a month to check for a leak. The exterior autofill as an overflow system. This means that in the unlikely event your auto fill fails you don’t have to worry about the safety of your fish. Any excess water will spill out the over flow and not into your pond.img_green_divider

3-way Valves and Manifold Assemblies

Manifold main

Regulate your flow to get the most out of your equipment. 3-way valves are a great way to divert water between to returns or from two suction points (jets/waterfall or skimmer/bottom drain). They are also very handy when setting up a bypass on a UV light.

Ball valve manifolds manifolds can make it possible for you to accurately control the flow of water both to and from your pump and filter system. By the use of these manifolds you can design a system where you can effectively incorporate multiple pumps, skimmers, bottom drains, jets and waterfalls in the most efficient way possible.img_green_divider

Check Valve Body

Check Valves

Swing check valves are very low resistance check valve ideal for koi ponds. Allows water to flow through it when the pump is turned on, but then shuts closed when flow stops. A must have valve before a pumps that is above water level and on the return side of a filter with a taller waterfall. One of these 2 inch valves comes standard with every Advantage Bead Filter. Made from clear PVC, the center body of this check valve allows you to see inside the unit to confirm the water is flowing through it properly. The full sized 2 inch unions make proper installation and maintains of this unit very simple.img_green_divider

Bottom Drain Clean Out Valve

cleanout w- reflection

Designed to go at the end of the 3 inch pipe coming from the bottom drain, this valve is serves as a way to get any debris that might get hung up on the 3 inch to 2 inch reducer out easily without any cutting of the pipe. Simple unscrew the the top cap and remove the blockage, then re-install the cap. MUST BE INSTALLED ABOVE WATER LEVEL.img_green_divider

Christys Glue

ABS to PVC glue

In an effort to take out any and all guess work out of building your perfect pond, We even provide you with proper ABS to PVC glue to hold it all together.img_green_divider

Collector Box Pre-Filter (15,000 gallon kit only)

4 Hole Collector - Copy

The Collector Box serves as a junction box and a pre-filter. It allows for up to four – 4 inch drain or skimmer pipes to be connected to the pond side while the opposite end has two – 3 inch outlets for connecting multiple pumps. Each of the 4 inch return line openings has a slide valve built in, to adjust water flow. The box comes with a large removable net for filtering out debris.