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The Most Advanced Heater Developed for the Koi Industry

The Advantage Koi Pond Heater is by far the most reliable and most efficient heater available for koi ponds today. Due to it's state of the art, modulating technology, the Advantage Heater uses only the necessary amount of heat required. It automatically uses from 20% to 100% of its heating capacity to maintain the programmed temperature. Besides making it extremely efficient, this technology also allows the heater to maintain the programmed pond temperature to within 1 degree.

In addition, the unique patented stainless steel heating chamber allows the pond water to flow directly through the heater without the need for a separate external pump or heat exchanger.

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You’ll not only save time and money, but you’ll get the best support in the industry.

  • Pond-Kit-6000Save Money - When you purchase an Advantage Pond Kit you receive 10% off the retail price of all the accessories. That means that on everything associated with the kit, other than the Plug and Play Filtration system, you save 10% on. Any custom accessories you might add to your kit, such as an Advantage Glass Filter, digital flow meter, underwater lights, or other accessories are also 10% off. This discount does not apply to upgrading the Plug and Play filter system to a larger size however.

  • Save Time - An Advantage Pond Kit also saves you time. There is no need to spend extra time trying to design a pond system and then trying to make up a parts list only to find out after you built the pond that you forgot an important feature. The Advantage Pond Kit comes with a complete set of instructions, laminated and spiral bound, for your convenience at no additional charge. These instructions provide the basic size and shape of the pond but still leave some room for you to customize the pond design to fit your personal needs. All the plumbing is laid out, including which size pipe is required, and where. It really does take a lot of the guess work out of building a pond.